MBM Real Estate Solutions is your one stop shop for all your real estate solutions. MBM was founded to provide a solution for Investors, Home Buyers, Asset Managers, Banks and other Real Estate Professionals. We started with two core businesses. We worked with Investors to find, negotiate and purchase great properties that would create quality affordable housing to the residents of Arizona. We would also provide Full Service Property Management and Leasing services that focused on being fair to all parties and working toward the goals of our clients. We have grown into a Full Service Solution for Asset Managers and Bankers to distribute the high inventory supply with responsiveness to these investors along with the many frustrated home buyers that just want their piece of the American Dream. We are expanding that service even further to also work with the US Department of Housing and urban Development (HUD) to create those same solutions. Recently, our clients have shown a demand for us to also expand into the Commercial Market. We will be launching a Full Service Commercial Division that will provide solutions for the challenges that are now facing the Commercial Market. Investors looking to buy commercial investments and have a management company they can trust take care of them, tenants that want a management company that cares about them too and Banks with these Assets that they are looking to unload can now have the same partner providing a new comprehensive solution.

Unbiased Representative

We focus on finding those opportunities that meet your requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and the benefits of independent representation.

Gilbert Horse Property for information on your non-typical real estate transaction that needs a creative solution. We have Creative financing specialists that can work a deal from the creative angle i.e. Seller financing, rent to own, lease option to purchase, trade real estate. There are endless solution if the solution can get creative.

For creative financing Gilbert Horse Property Gilbert Horse Property.

Arizona Real Estate

Montana Real Estate and ranches

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San Tan Valley Real Estate

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